Angela Rippon Relationship Did Her Love Story End in Heartbreak?

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Angela Rippon Relationship Did Her Love Story End in Heartbreak? a remarkable figure in broadcasting, has lived a life of both public triumphs and private trials. Despite her vibrant career that spans over six decades, it’s her personal journey, specifically her relationship history, that has remained under wraps for many. This article delves into Angela Rippon’s relationship timeline,

Angela Rippon Relationship Did Her Love Story End In Heartbreak?
Angela Rippon Relationship Did Her Love Story End In Heartbreak?

Angela Rippon’s vast career in broadcasting has graced our screens, making her a household name. While her professional accolades are well known, her personal life, particularly her relationship with childhood sweetheart Christopher Dare, is the core focus of this discourse.

Summary of angela rippon relationship

Date/Year Significant Event
1967 Angela marries childhood sweetheart, Christopher Dare.
1989 Angela and Christopher’s marriage ends in divorce.
Post-1989 Angela lives as a single woman for over 27 years.
Unknown Angela keeps details of her divorce private.

Angela Rippon’s Early Marriage

Angela Rippon’s love story began in her early twenties. At age 22 in 1967, Angela embarked on a new chapter, tying the knot with Christopher Dare. Their romantic story traces back to a YMCA dance, painting a vivid picture of young love. Together, they built a life in a 17th-century cottage in Devon, symbolizing their deep-rooted connection.

Angela’s Life as a Happy Singleton

By 1989, Angela’s relationship journey took a turn. The marriage to her childhood darling ended in divorce. This marked the beginning of Angela’s life as a single woman—a journey she embraced for over 27 years. Despite the heartbreak, Angela showcased remarkable resilience, finding contentment and personal growth in her singlehood.

Heartbreak and Privacy in Angela Rippon’s Life

The aftermath of her divorce was a sensitive chapter in Angela’s life. She chose discretion, keeping the details of her divorce guarded. Beyond the public’s eye, Angela faced her share of challenges and heartbreak. But through it all, her family and private relationships remained a source of solace and support.

Angela Rippon’s Enduring Connection with Christopher Dare

The bond between Angela and Christopher was not easily severed. Even after their marital chapter closed, traces of their relationship persisted. Their shared memories and experiences formed a bond that stood the test of time. Their history, marked by youthful romance and years of marriage, left an indelible mark on Angela’s life.


Angela Rippon’s relationship narrative is a testament to the complexity of human emotions. From the blossoming of young love with Christopher Dare to the heartache of divorce, and her fulfilling journey as a singleton, Angela’s story resonates with many. Beyond her celebrated career, it’s her resilience, enduring connections, and personal growth that truly captivate.


Did Angela Rippon marry her childhood sweetheart?
Yes, Angela Rippon married Christopher Dare, her childhood sweetheart, in 1967.

Where did Angela and Christopher first meet?
They reportedly met at a YMCA dance, leading to a deep-rooted romance.

How long was Angela Rippon single after her divorce?
Angela has been a happy singleton for over 27 years following her divorce.

Did Angela and Christopher stay in touch after their divorce?
While specific details aren’t widely known, their enduring connection suggests a lasting bond beyond their marital years.