Is Julio Urias Married? His Relationship with Daisy Perez

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Is Julio Urias Married? His Relationship with Daisy Perez professional baseball pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is currently not married. However, his relationship with Daisy Perez, a Mexican model and influencer, has grabbed considerable attention. As of September 2024, the couple is still together despite Urias facing felony domestic violence charges.

Is Julio Urias Married? His Relationship With Daisy Perez
Is Julio Urias Married? His Relationship With Daisy Perez

Urias, often nicknamed “El Culichi” due to his origins in Culiacan, Mexico, has recently made headlines for reasons other than baseball. With legal matters pending, the future of his relationship with Daisy Perez is now in the spotlight. Perez continues to support Urias, as indicated by her social media posts.

Summary of Is Julio Urias Married

Date Event Details
August 12, 1996 Birthdate Julio Urias was born in Culiacan, Mexico.
2012 Signed by Dodgers Urias became an amateur free agent for the Dodgers.
2016 MLB Debut Urias made his major league debut at 19 years old.
2021 NL Wins Leader Urias led the National League with 20 wins.
2022 NL ERA Leader Urias boasted a National League-leading 2.38 ERA.
September 4, 2024 Arrested for Domestic Violence Urias faces felony domestic violence charges.
September 4, 2024 Released on Bail Urias was released on a $50,000 bail.

Julio Urias “El Culichi”

Julio Urias hails from Culiacan, Mexico. His nickname “El Culichi” reflects his hometown’s name. His Mexican roots and the love for his culture are evident in this nickname.

Pat Venditte “P-VITTY”

In contrast, another pitcher like Pat Venditte is known for his ambidextrous “switch pitching” abilities. His nickname “P-VITTY” seems less reflective of his unique talent. This is an interesting point when considering how nicknames often reveal aspects of a player’s identity.

Daisy Perez Julio Urias’ Girlfriend

Daisy Perez is known as Julio Urias’ long-time girlfriend. To answer the query, “is Julio Urias married,” no, he is not. But his relationship with the stunning Daisy Perez has made them a popular couple on social media.

Relationship Status and Public Appearances

Julio and Daisy often make public appearances together, sparking a lot of speculation about their relationship status. Although they’re not married, their relationship seems stable, based on their public demeanor.

Recent Events Julio Urias’ Arrest

As of September 2023, Urias faces felony domestic violence charges, putting both his career and relationship under scrutiny. He was released on a $50,000 bail and is currently awaiting trial. The MLB is also investigating the case.

Media Coverage and Public Perception

The media has extensively covered Urias’ arrest, leading to mixed public opinions. The focus has also shifted to Daisy Perez, who continues to support Urias as he navigates these legal challenges.


In summary, while the topic “is Julio Urias married” can be answered simply—no, he is not—the reality of his personal life is complex, especially in light of his recent legal troubles. As the couple navigates these challenges, all eyes will be on how this impacts both his career and his relationship with Daisy Perez.


Is Julio Urias married?
No, Julio Urias is not married but is in a long-term relationship with Daisy Perez.

Who is Daisy Perez?
Daisy Perez is a Mexican model and influencer, known for her relationship with Julio Urias.

What are the recent legal troubles facing Julio Urias?
As of September 2024, Julio Urias has been arrested on felony domestic violence charges.

Is MLB investigating Julio Urias?
Yes, the MLB is conducting its own investigation into the allegations against Urias.