Is Matt Gutman Married? Delving into the Life of the ABC Journalist

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Is Matt Gutman Married? Delving into the Life of the ABC Journalist the illustrious journalist with ABC News, has piqued the interest of many. So, “is Matt Gutman married?” Read on to discover more about his personal lif

Is Matt Gutman Married? Delving Into The Life Of The Abc Journalist
Is Matt Gutman Married? Delving Into The Life Of The Abc Journalist

Matt Gutman has cemented his status in the world of journalism. But aside from his professional achievements, many are curious about his personal life, specifically, “is Matt Gutman married?”

Summary of “Is Matt Gutman Married?”

Aspect Detail
Marital Status Married to Daphna Venyige
Marriage Date May 18, 2007
Duration of Marriage 16 years (as of 2023)
Number of Children Two (Libby and Ben)
Daphna’s Background Born and raised in California

Matt Gutman’s Marriage

Matt Gutman’s Spouse

Yes, Matt Gutman is indeed a married man. He is happily married to Daphna Venyige. This couple has weathered the test of time, being together for an impressive 16 years.

Marriage Date

For those digging into the details, Matt Gutman and Daphna Venyige tied the knot on May 18, 2007. Fast forward to 2023, and they celebrate 16 years of marital bliss.

Private Wedding

Their love story culminated in a private wedding ceremony. Only their closest family and friends had the honor of witnessing their union, making it an intimate affair.

Daphna Venyige

Introduction to Daphna

The woman behind the man, Daphna Venyige, is not just Matt Gutman’s wife. Born and brought up in California, she has her own tale to tell.

Humble Childhood

Daphna had a rather humble and comfortable upbringing in California. Such backgrounds often shape people in unique ways, and she’s no exception.

Matt Gutman’s Family Life

Number of Children

Beyond their love for each other, Matt and Daphna’s bond is solidified by their two children. They are proud parents to a daughter named Libby and a son, Ben.

Family Bond

Matt Gutman is not just renowned in his professional sphere; he’s also a devoted husband and father. The family shares an unbreakable bond, often seen enjoying quality time together.


To succinctly answer the burning question – yes, Matt Gutman is happily married to Daphna Venyige. The couple has built a beautiful family over their 16 years of marriage, with Matt being a doting father to their two children.


Is Matt Gutman married?
Yes, he is married to Daphna Venyige.

When did Matt Gutman get married?
Matt Gutman married Daphna Venyige on May 18, 2007.

How many children does Matt Gutman have?
Matt Gutman and his wife Daphna have two children, a daughter named Libby and a son named Ben.

Where is Matt Gutman currently working?
Matt Gutman is currently the Chief National Correspondent for ABC News, based in Los Angeles.