Is the Noel Fielding Controversy Merely a Storm in a Baking Tin?

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Is the Noel Fielding Controversy Merely a Storm in a Baking Tin? the famous co-presenter of the beloved show “The Great British Bake Off”, has been at the center of multiple controversies over the past few years. Notably, in 2017, his “No one likes a tubby goth” remark garnered significant backlash. As we head into 2023, with Matt Lucas’ departure from the show, it’s time to review some of the notable incidents that stirred the pot.

Is The Noel Fielding Controversy Merely A Storm In A Baking Tin?
Is The Noel Fielding Controversy Merely A Storm In A Baking Tin?

Noel Fielding, known for his distinct comedic style, has been an integral part of “The Great British Bake Off”. However, his journey hasn’t been without its fair share of bumps. This article delves into the noel fielding controversy, emphasizing its significance in the realm of television.

Summary of noel fielding controversy

Incident Outcome
“Tubby Goth” Statement Fielding’s clarification, lingering backlash
Accusations of Racism Criticisms during “Mexican Week”
Baked Alaska Meltdown Divided audience reactions
Controversial Impersonation Public backlash and Fielding’s apology
Complaints from Watchdog 37 complaints and Fielding’s subsequent apology
Allegations of Homophobic Jokes Deleted tweet and public apology from Fielding
Matt Lucas’s Departure Lucas leaving the show, speculation over reasons
Comparisons with James Corden Accusations of joke theft, Corden’s apology
Fielding Breaks Silence Fielding’s response post Lucas’ exit

The “Tubby Goth” Statement

In an interview with The Guardian in 2017, Fielding’s comment “No one likes a tubby goth” led to immediate backlash. Fans of the show, which champions diversity, were particularly upset. Fielding later clarified on Twitter, stating his remarks were in jest, but the controversy lingered.

Accusations of Racism

The next year saw Fielding and co-presenter, Matt Lucas, facing accusations of “casual racism” from an American food critic. This was during the show’s “Mexican Week”, and in a time where sensitivity around racial topics was particularly heightened.

Baked Alaska Meltdown

2019 brought with it the Baked Alaska meltdown. Ian Watters’ infamous walkout after his Baked Alaska dessert melted became viral. While some viewers empathized, others held him accountable. Fielding and Lucas’ reactions too were under scrutiny.

Controversial Impersonation

2020 was marked by Fielding’s impersonation of a black Bjorn Borg, the Swedish tennis icon. This act was met with severe criticism, with many accusing him of blackface. Fielding promptly removed the content and issued an apology.

Complaints from Watchdog

In 2021, the show received 37 complaints from the watchdog, Ofcom, post Fielding’s risqué joke about a contestant named Peter. The comment was deemed “sexually suggestive” and inappropriate for family audiences, leading to an apology from Fielding.

Allegations of Homophobic Jokes

Fielding faced accusations of promoting homophobia after posting a questionable tweet in 2022. The backlash was swift, and Fielding deleted the tweet, acknowledging his lapse in judgment.

Matt Lucas’s Departure

This year, 2023, saw Matt Lucas stepping down from the show. While some speculate his exit was due to controversies surrounding Fielding, Lucas refuted these claims, ensuring that their friendship remains intact.

Comparisons with James Corden

In another twist this year, James Corden faced criticism for allegedly copying a 2017 joke from Fielding. Amidst existing negative press, Corden expressed regret over his actions and apologized to Fielding.

Noel Fielding Breaks His Silence

After Lucas’ departure, Fielding finally spoke, expressing sadness over Lucas leaving but showing optimism for the show’s future. Committed to excellence, Fielding aims to enhance the show’s legacy.


Noel Fielding’s time on “The Great British Bake Off” has been eventful. Despite the controversies, the show continues to thrive. It’s evident that controversies, for better or worse, have played a role in shaping the show and Fielding’s public image.


Did Noel Fielding make controversial remarks in 2017?
Yes, he made a “tubby goth” comment that resulted in backlash.

Were there any accusations of racism against Fielding?
Yes, during the show’s “Mexican Week” in 2018, both he and Matt Lucas were criticized.

What was the Baked Alaska meltdown?
In 2019, contestant Ian Watters left the show after his Baked Alaska dessert melted.