Josh Vickers’s Wife Laura Vickers What Happened To Her

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Josh Vickers’s Wife Laura Vickers What Happened To Her of football experienced an emotional jolt recently. Josh Vickers, the promising Derby County goalkeeper, recently mourned the tragic loss of his wife, Laura, to cancer. The 27-year-old player, known for his commendable beginnings with Arsenal, took his followers on a heart-wrenching journey by documenting Laura’s cancer battle on Instagram. His touching and emotional updates culminated in the devastating announcement of her passing. Amidst this sad tale, one thing remains evident: the depth of their shared journey and the profound impact of Laura’s departure on Josh Vickers.

Josh Vickers’s Wife Laura Vickers What Happened To Her
Josh Vickers’s Wife Laura Vickers What Happened To Her

Josh Vickers, a significant figure in Derby County and a former Arsenal player, recently faced an unthinkable personal tragedy. His wife, Laura, succumbed to cancer. The journey of “josh vickers wife” became an emblematic tale of love, strength, and loss, as he constantly updated his Instagram followers about her condition.

Summary of josh vickers wife

Key Information Details
Full Name Laura Vickers
Age at Passing 27 years
Cause of Death Cancer
Time since Wedding 3 months
Josh’s Recent Transition Moved to Derby County 13 weeks ago
Instagram Updates Detailed Laura’s battle against cancer
Key Event in 2019 Laura completed eight chemotherapy sessions

Just three months after their wedding, the heartbreaking news emerged, further intensified by a photograph of their nuptial day. This poignant image captured their ephemeral joy amidst looming shadows of despair.

Josh Vickers The Football Journey

Before joining Derby County, Vickers honed his skills at Arsenal. His move to Rams came just 13 weeks before this personal cataclysm. Football enthusiasts might remember his palpable joy on Instagram, announcing his association with Rams. Mere weeks separated this joyful update from his marital announcement.

Laura’s Brave Battle Against Cancer

Laura’s resilience and courage against the formidable adversary, cancer, were exceptional. Her numerous chemotherapy sessions, documented on Instagram, showcased her fighting spirit. Josh, ever the supportive husband, portrayed Laura’s journey, highlighting her unyielding positivity and strength.

In 2019, he celebrated Laura’s completion of eight taxing chemotherapy rounds, showcasing her unyielding spirit. Her infectious smile, even in adversity, became a beacon of hope for many.

The Heartbreaking Announcement

Josh Vickers’ emotional post, announcing Laura’s passing, pulled at the heartstrings of many. His candid confession about struggling to find the right words to describe his feelings was palpable. This tragic update was accentuated by a cherished memory – a picture from their wedding day.

He fondly remembered Laura, describing her as the “strongest, bravest, and most loving person” he’s ever known. Their shared memories, filled with laughter, tears, and dance, depicted a tale of love and resilience.

A Love Story Remembered

Despite the odds, Josh and Laura’s love story epitomized joy amidst adversity. Their shared journey, though fraught with challenges, celebrated the essence of love. Dancing, laughing, and crying, their story remains an enduring testament to the memories they forged.


The narrative of “josh vickers wife” is not just a tale of loss but a story of unfathomable love, resilience, and memories. As the world of football and beyond offers their condolences, a unified sentiment emerges: profound sympathy and support for Josh Vickers during this tumultuous period.


Q: Who is Josh Vickers?
A: Josh Vickers is a professional footballer, currently a goalkeeper for Derby County, and started his career with Arsenal.

Q: What was the cause of Laura Vickers’ death?
A: Laura Vickers tragically passed away due to cancer.

Q: How long were Josh and Laura married before she passed away?
A: They were married for just three months before Laura’s unfortunate demise.

Q: Did Josh Vickers share their journey on social media?
A: Yes, Josh Vickers regularly updated about Laura’s battle against cancer on his Instagram.