Who Are the Top 10 Leaders in the World 2024 PM Modi at the Helm with 76% Approval

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Who Are the Top 10 Leaders in the World 2024 PM Modi at the Helm with 76% Approval dynamic global landscape, leadership has proven to be more crucial than ever. Given the diverse challenges the world faces, from the pandemic’s after-effects to climatic concerns, it’s worth noting who the world perceives

Who Are The Top 10 Leaders In The World 2024 Pm Modi At The Helm With 76% Approval
Who Are The Top 10 Leaders In The World 2024 Pm Modi At The Helm With 76% Approval

as its top leaders. As of 2024, the survey conducted by Morning Consult reveals that Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India leads the list with an outstanding approval rating of 76%.


The commendable leadership exhibited during the persisting challenges, from India’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic to its economic strategies, has garnered PM Modi significant admiration. This approval rating not only reflects India’s sentiment but is a testament to his influence in global leadership dynamics.

Summary of Top 10 Leaders in the World 2024

Leader Position/Country
Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India
Pedro Sánchez Spain
Joe Biden President of the United States
Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada
Leo Varadkar Taoiseach of Ireland
Xi Jinping President of China
Vladimir Putin President of Russia
Olaf Scholz Chancellor of Germany
Jeff Bezos Amazon
Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway

PM Modi – The World’s Most Popular Leader

Narendra Modi’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Rising through the ranks and guiding India through its recent challenges, his leadership is characterized by a focus on economic development and a commitment to social welfare. Additionally, his position as a proponent of Hindu nationalism and a defender of India’s global interests has solidified his popularity.

Prime Minister Modi’s 76% approval rating is the culmination of his persistent efforts to navigate India amidst global challenges, a feat recognized not just in India but across the world.

Top Global Leaders 2024

Beyond PM Modi, there are other global leaders who have significantly influenced their nations and the world. This list, extracted from the Morning Consult survey, features a mix of state leaders and influential individuals from the corporate sector. Their approval ratings reflect the trust and faith of their constituents and stakeholders.

Other Influential Leaders in 2024

Leaders such as Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud, Alexander De Croo, Lula da Silva, Anthony Albanese, and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to name a few, are other key figures in 2024’s global political arena. They play pivotal roles in shaping policies that influence not just their nation’s trajectory but also the world’s direction.

Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians in 2023

While the realm of global leaders includes corporate tycoons and monarchs, the political arena remains pivotal. Figures like Imran Khan, Dilma Rousseff, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, and others have been instrumental in shaping the international landscape, even if they aren’t currently in office.

The G20 Summit and Prominent Leaders

The G20 Summit held in Indonesia this year was a convergence of the world’s most powerful leaders. Key discussions were spearheaded by top leaders like PM Modi, President Biden, and President Xi Jinping. Topics ranged from economic strategies to the ever-pressing issue of climate change.

Current Approval Ratings

While PM Modi boasts a staggering 76%, other leaders also have noteworthy ratings. For instance, Xi Jinping of China has an approval rating of 68%, while Vladimir Putin of Russia sits at 57%. These numbers provide a glimpse into public sentiment and the prevailing trust in these leaders.

High-Paid Government Leaders

Leadership often comes with perks, one of them being a hefty paycheck. It’s interesting to note that Australia’s politicians have recently experienced a significant pay rise, drawing attention to the compensation these leaders receive for their roles.

TIME100 Next 2023 – Emerging Leaders

The TIME100 Next 2023 list highlights the budding leaders expected to shape our future. Recognizing such talent ensures that we’re prepared for the next wave of leadership that will dictate the world’s course.

Global Leader Approval Rating Tracker

Tracking approval ratings, like the one from Morning Consult, offers insights into the political dynamics across countries. Such metrics are vital for understanding shifts in global politics and predicting future trends.

G20 Agenda and President Biden’s Stance

During the G20 Summit, President Biden made a clear call to Russia to halt its weaponization of food. Such statements from global leaders shed light on the significant issues the world needs to tackle collectively.


In this ever-evolving world, leadership remains our guiding light. PM Modi’s unprecedented approval rating is a testament to effective governance and resonating global impact. Staying informed about these leaders, their policies, and global sentiments ensures we’re prepared for the future, aware of the present, and respectful of the past.


Who tops the list of world leaders in 2023?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India holds the top position with a 76% approval rating.

Which leaders made it to the top 5 in 2023?
The top 5 includes Narendra Modi, Pedro Sánchez, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and Leo Varadkar.

When and where was the G20 Summit held in 2023?
The G20 Summit took place in Indonesia on September 15-16, 2023.

Who are the emerging leaders to watch for?
The TIME100 Next 2023 list showcases emerging leaders expected to influence the global landscape in the coming years.