Who is Julie Chen Husband and How Did She Triumph Amidst Turbulent Times?

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Julie Chen Moonves and Les Moonves have been in the limelight for various reasons, from their professional achievements to personal challenges. While Julie is celebrated as an Emmy-award winning journalist and television host, her husband Les Moonves, former CBS CEO, faced allegations that rocked their world. Despite these challenges, Julie’s resilience, backed by her deepened spiritual bond, has been noteworthy.

Who Is Julie Chen Husband And How Did She Triumph Amidst Turbulent Times?
Who Is Julie Chen Husband And How Did She Triumph Amidst Turbulent Times?

Julie Chen Moonves, renowned for her roles on CBS’s “The Talk” and “Big Brother”, found her world in turmoil in 2018. This was when her husband, Les Moonves, faced multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. Although he denied these claims, he later resigned from CBS. Amidst this chaos, Julie discovered strength in spirituality, which she elaborated on in her 2021 memoir, “But First, God”.

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Key Points Details
Marriage Date 2004
Allegations against Les Moonves 2018
Julie’s Departure from “The Talk” 2018
Julie’s Memoir Release 2021

The Love Story

Julie and Les’s romance traces back to 1996, culminating in their marriage in 2004. Despite various tests of their relationship over the years, they’ve solidified their bond, with Julie often referring to Les as her “best friend”.

Career and Professional Journey

Julie’s journey with CBS began in 1995, and she rose to fame as the host of “Big Brother”. In 2010, she added “The Talk” to her portfolio, which she left in 2018 due to pressures amid her husband’s scandal. On the other hand, Les’s executive role at CBS, starting in 2006, had been instrumental in the network’s success until his 2018 resignation.

Challenges Faced

2018 was a trying year for the Moonves family. Multiple women accused Les of sexual misconduct, leading to his resignation from CBS. This period, as Julie later revealed, was the “most challenging time” of her life.

The Transition to “Julie Chen Moonves”

Although Julie had always utilized her husband’s last name personally, it wasn’t until 2018 that she adopted “Moonves” professionally. This transition was a testament to her unwavering support for Les during these trying times.

Julie Chen’s Response

Julie’s dedication to her husband remained firm amidst the storm. By using the name “Julie Chen Moonves” on air, she publicly showcased her faith in Les’s innocence. She didn’t hesitate to question him about the 2018 allegations, emphasizing her belief in transparency and truth.

Spiritual Journey and Memoir

Julie’s 2021 memoir, “But First, God”, outlines her spiritual awakening. It sheds light on the solace she found in faith during the hardships resulting from her husband’s allegations.


Julie Chen Moonves exemplifies resilience, emerging stronger from personal and professional trials. Her enduring marriage and unwavering faith underscore her ability to navigate life’s turbulent waters.


Who is Julie Chen’s husband?
Les Moonves, the former CEO of CBS.

When did Julie Chen and Les Moonves get married?
They tied the knot in 2004.

Why did Julie Chen leave “The Talk”?
She felt pressured to depart in 2018 following allegations against her husband.